I was a young adult hoping to become a rock star listening to the likes of Elvis, KISS, Michael Jackson and Oldies but goodies,  "David and I came from a very musical family where there was always singing and playing going on in our house or our uncles house, but I specifically remember going with my dad to all his gigs at various venues for weddings or just straight family get together events of others.   I would sit behind him and watch him play the drums.  He and my mom bought me my first drum kit on my 18th birthday.   As a hobby I would just sit and play for hours.  My brother at the time was playing in a couple of bands and would just take the time to flex his guitar skills and vocals by pretending to be KISS with me and we would just jam for hours.   My brother and I went to our very first KISS concert and I thought that was the coolest thing ever and began to wonder if I could ever do something that great.  In 2003 I performed for a talent show hosted by Pala Casino on a big stage with bright lights in front of about 100 people and it was then that I realized I wanted to be a performer and sing.   I asked my brother and dad  if I could join the band they had and they invited me to record one song later 3 songs on their new project called Unidos.  One day my brother and I were sitting down and trying to compose a song and within 30 minutes we had come up with a song called Sky's the Limit which would later become a favorite where ever we played.  Our Bass Player left our group and I took it upon myself to ask David to teach me how to play the bass to keep the band going.  It was around this time where I fell asleep one night and had a dream I will never forget and woke up with a different perspective on life and realized it was time to be a man and join my wife and 3 boys at church one Sunday morning where I fully renewed my relationship with Christ.  After accepting Christ, He began to change me. I started to think about the music that I liked and what was out there had nothing real positive so I became motivated to write music for the Lord in that style and was just on fire for Him along with my wife and brother who also wrote. Our thinking was that we were going to be the Christian version of KISS.  Our hope was that others like myself who enjoyed that music but felt convicted because of the message or lyrics they would have another option and possibly be blessed by it.  Since being born again the Lord has blessed me and opened doors to play and minister for church out reach events and lead worship for our home church and others. We have also been blessed to perform at theme parks and local fairs allowing us to reach out to those who don't know Jesus.  Being a married man with 4 awesome boys I am blessed and excited to see where the Lord leads me next.